This category contains 3D related blog posts, projects and tutorials to make 3D models, animation and Synthetic dataset for machine learning (CNN).

Autonomous Driving

Concepts of Autonomous Driving Levels SAE (J3016) Automation Levels[81]¬†hide SAE Level Name Narrative definition Execution ofsteering andacceleration/deceleration Monitoring of driving environment Fallback performance of dynamic driving task System capability (driving modes) Human driver monitors the driving environment 0 No Automation The full-time performance by the human driver of all aspects of the dynamic driving task, …

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Install NDDS (NVIDIA Deep learning Dataset Synthesizer)

Introduction This post explains how to install NDDS in your PC. To create a Synthetic dataset for training deep neural network models, Nvidia has created an Unreal Engine 4 library, NVIDIA Deep learning Dataset Synthesizer (NDDS).  The requirement is that you have already installed Unreal Engine 4 (UE4.22). If you have not installed it yet, …

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