Install NDDS (NVIDIA Deep learning Dataset Synthesizer)


This post explains how to install NDDS in your PC.

To create a Synthetic dataset for training deep neural network models, Nvidia has created an Unreal Engine 4 library, NVIDIA Deep learning Dataset Synthesizer (NDDS). 

The requirement is that you have already installed Unreal Engine 4 (UE4.22). If you have not installed it yet, then follow this tutorial to install it. 

NDDS Intro

Steps to install NDDS

Install Unreal Engine 4.22

Click here to visit the post to install UE4 (version 4.22).

Install Git Large File Storage (LFS)

  • Click here to download the package or download it from the lfs site.
  • Uncompress the package and run the following command from inside the package.
sudo ./
git lfs install

Install NDDS

Download NDDS

Enter the following commands in your workspace

git lfs clone

If the above command ‘git lfs clone’ doesn’t work, then download NDDS using this link.

Building the NDDS.uproject

Enter the following commands in your workspace, it will take a lot of time (1 – 2 hours for me) but it’s worth the wait.

cd Dataset_Synthesizer/Source
unrealgen NDDS.uproject
unrealbuild NDDS.uproject

Select Yes, if the below window pops-up

Pop-up Missing NDDS Modules

Running the NDDS.uproject

Make sure that you are in the directory Dataset_Synthesizer/Source then enter the next command to open UE4 with NDDS.

unrealeditor NDDS.uproject

Video Tutorial

I’m going to add a video tutorial of the same topic and some other interesting topics on channel 17 Jutsu.

If you like to know the update, then subscribe to the Youtube channel 17 Jutsu.

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